The basic demo showing off all widgets. Using features causes back-end endpoint invocations with authorization checks.

In the top-right we see the pay2myapp-status widget — allows (re)login, transaction check, logout, and payments refresh.

Just below we see an explicit "login" button (pay2myapp-appsell widget). This button always allows (re)login and never starts a feature flow.

At the bottom we see three feature buttons (pay2myapp-appsell widgets). The "free" one on the left inhibits login (doesn't allow login). The "paid" two on the right cause initial login. All three, once authorized, cause feature flows — through the backe-end — at different payment tiers.

⚠ No bitcoin support in this demo as it uses lucchetto.js connecting to an back-end as a service — which only supports the Ethereum address space (for dollars and cryptos).

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